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How I can help your
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There is no such thing as a perfect website. But there is a perfect design for your specific needs. And here's my process that will help us build it.

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project request

Every fruitful partnership begins with the first hello. After you contact me, I will respond within 24 (business) hours with a link to book a video call.

  • Short description of me and my work
  • Time schedule for the process (on average)
  • Cost estimate (based on the information sent)
  • Questions about your project
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first meeting & proposal*

We'll examine the specifics of your industry, your competitors, your challenges... so we can better assess the scope of the project, what is needed, and how we will address every issue.

In short, we’ll:
  • Understand each role in the project
  • Research your industry standards and competition
  • Define the visual and internal aspects of your brand
  • Outline the scope and goals of the project
  • Clarify any ambiguities
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*After our successful meeting, I will send you a detailed quote for my services with a total price within 2 business days.

clarifying your eco story

We conduct voice and tone strategy research with key members of the team (or a standalone CEO) to identify the key components that make up your brand's story, with each client a ready-made protagonist and your brand as their guide. With the goal of establishing your brand's voice and tone.

We will:
  • Establish a content guide for your website copy
  • Easily build value for your target audience
  • Formulate a simple, actionable CTA
  • Express the personality of your brand
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content & visual strategy

We begin by bringing in the elements of our story: We determine the basic structure of the pages, key categories, visual choices, and all content components. We agree on the site wireframe and finalize it.

Giving us the opportunity to:
  • Layout the overall website structure
  • Identify key areas for your CTA
  • Visualize our future design
  • Design a plan for content placement
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design & development

We will narrow down our visual direction and settle on a final design. The entire process will be shared and agreed upon via Figma. For the development phase, I request content for the website (not always necessary). Once everything is set, I will develop your fully responsive website in Webflow and consult with you throughout the process.

In short:
  • Agree on the final design of the website
  • Select and approve the live content
  • Develop the whole thing in Webflow
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We are ready for takeoff!

I create a video explaining each step and help you set up the basic SEO information for your site (I recommend finding a good SEO specialist for the future) before transferring the site to your Webflow account where you choose your hosting and voila! Your website is live!

To summarize:
  • Learn how to publish your website content
  • Set up your website SEO
  • Choose a hosting and go live!
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